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April 10, 2024

BG’s Positively Speaking

The Choices We Make

Many times in life, we say, “I don’t have a choice,” and then go about convincing ourselves that we really don’t. But the truth is… WE DO! However, we often find it easier to deny or turn our backs on the choices we have. If we take the responsibility upon ourselves to make those choices, both difficult and easy, that present themselves to us, we can change our lives and the lives of those around us in many, sometimes dramatic, ways.

We Can Choose ….To have a positive attitude.

….To say “Thank You” to someone.
….To smile at a person you don’t know.
….To offer a helping hand to a stranger.
….To hold a door for someone.
….To be of a happy disposition.
….To encourage others around us.
….To give up that parking space.
….To hold our tongue when angered.

We can choose how we react to situations we find ourselves in. We can choose to take the high road or the low road. We can be positive or negative. We can look for the good or see only the bad. It’s all up to us to decide what we want. If we make the right decisions (those that come from the positive side), we will see that our lives will be smoother, more straightforward, friendlier and much happier. We will be choosing the path to a less frustrating and conflicted future.

Now, don’t get me wrong—this isn’t some easy, glib formula. I know. I have been practicing these habits for some time now and still fail to get it right many times. Changing how we react, habits, responses, and words take much dedication, perseverance, and effort. But that’s the price we must pay for a happier life with better choices.

NOW…. It’s Your Choice

Editors Quote Book

“Whatever you do, do it well. You may not get a second chance!”


The Fear Of Alligators

While sports fishing off the Florida coast, a tourist capsized his boat. He could swim, but his fear of alligators kept him clinging to the overturned craft. Spotting an old beachcomber standing on the shore, the tourist shouted, “Are there any gators around here?!” “Naw,” the man hollered back, “they ain’t been around for years!” “Feeling safe, the tourist started swimming leisurely toward the shore. About halfway there, he asked the guy, “How’d you get rid of the gators?” “We didn’t do nothin’,” the beachcomber said. “The sharks got ’em.”

School Assignment

A boy was assigned a paper on childbirth and asked his parents, “How was I born?” “Well honey…” said the slightly prudish parent. “The stork brought you to us.” “Ohh…” said the boy. “Well, how did you and daddy get born?” he asked. “Oh, your grandparents found us under a rock.” “Well how were grandpa and grandma born?” he persisted. “Well darling, they were found under a cabbage leaf,” said the parent. Several days later, the boy handed in his paper to the teacher, who read with confusion the opening sentence: “This report has been very difficult to write due to the fact that there hasn’t been a natural childbirth in my family for three generations.”

Bubba and Bobby Joe

Bubba and Bobby Joe rented a boat and fished in a lake every day. One day, they caught 30 fish. Bubba said to Bobby Joe, “Mark this here spot so that we can come back right here again tomorrow.”

The next day, when they were driving to rent the boat,  Bubba asked Bobby Joe, “Bobby Joe, did you mark that there spot like ah tole ya?” His friend replied, “Shore nuff, I put a big ole ‘X’ on the bottom of the boat.”

“You fool! Now, what we gonna do if we don’t get that same boat today?!”

Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus was the best dealmaker in history. He left, not knowing where he was going, and upon arriving, he did not know where he was. He returned, not knowing where he had been, and did it all on borrowed money

Trivia Quiz

(Click Question For Answer)

1. Name the game played with bat, ball and wicket?
2. What country are the Giza Pyramids found in?
3. What is the brain of a computer known as?
The CPU.
4. Which organ purifies our blood?
5. What is the transformation of a caterpillar into a butterfly called?
6. What symbols represent water chemically?
7. What is the innermost layer of the Earth called?
The Core.
8. Who authored “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”?
Roald Dahl.


Your Horoscope

For Amusement Only

ARIES (March 21- April 19): You have reached your short-term goals for the first half of the year. You should set yourself some new ones.

TAURUS (April 20- May 20): A lack of self-esteem makes you feel worthless. Trust your instincts; they are better than you realize.

GEMINI (May 21- June 20): Don’t hold grudges. Forgive and forget. Your energy is better spent on righting perceived wrongs. Get on with life.

CANCER (June 21-July 22):  Co-workers give you new insights into office politics. Stay away from the games that others play, and stay out of trouble.

LEO (July 23- August 22): Unburden your heart and share your troubles with a trusted friend. Lighten your load and feel more confident.

VIRGO (August 23- September 22): Sometimes, less is more. Listen to others’ opinions. You are not obligated to agree with them.

LIBRA (September 23- October 22): Sweeten your words before going on the attack. Remember that you’ll lure more flies with sugar than vinegar.

SCORPIO (October 23- November 21): A change of address may be imminent. Keep track of old friends; you may need them down the road.

SAGITTARIUS (November 22- December 21): Let your boss know you appreciate what he does for you. Encouragement works both ways.

CAPRICORN (December 22- January 19): Don’t just accept someone else’s ideas. Research the facts and take the time to sort things through.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): You deserve a little R & R, so go for it. Winter is behind you, and spring is making everything new again.

PISCES (February 19- March 20): You become the centre of attention. Show appreciation to those who made it possible. Tell your face to smile


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Pizza: Betcha’ Didn’t Know!

Pizza originated in Naples and, for many years, was an inexpensive local Neapolitan cuisine, long before it became popular in the rest of Italy during the 1940s. In actual fact, it became popular in the United States decades before becoming popular in Italy. Why? Because immigrants from Naples brought it over to New York City and other urban areas, and the Americans, as they say, ate it up. In 1905, America’s first pizzeria, Lombardi’s, opened in New York City,  when Italian immigrant Gennaro Lombardi began serving his New York-style pizza. The restaurant exists today using some of the original recipes!

On a visit to Naples in 1889, Italy’s King Umberto I and Queen Margherita dined on three types of local pizza. The queen fell in love with the version topped with tomatoes, mozzarella, and basil. In honour of her, the Margherita pizza was born. Sam Panopoulos, a Greek-born Canadian, created the Hawaiian pizza at his Ontario restaurant in 1962. He was inspired by Chinese dishes, which mixed sweet and savoury flavours.

Domino’s dominates the pizza franchise industry. What began as a small-town restaurant has expanded to more than 18,800 locations worldwide in more than 85 countries.

What Kind Of Car?

A man was annoyed when his wife told him that a car had backed into her, damaging a fender and that she hadn’t got the license number. What kind of car was he driving? The husband asked. I don’t know, she said. I never can tell one car from another. At that, the man decided the time had come for a learning course. For the next few days, whenever they were driving, he made her name each car they passed until he was satisfied that she could recognize every make. It worked. About a week later, she arrived home with a pleased expression on her face. Darling, she said. I hit a Buick!

Taking Pictures

I was at a museum, and I asked a worker if we could take pictures. He told me no, as they had to stay on the walls.

Pizza Delivery Boy

A college pizza delivery boy arrived at Mr. Smith’s house. He delivered the pizza to his trailer. After giving it to him, Mr. Smith asked: “What is the usual tip?” “Well,” replied the youth, “this is my first trip here, but the other guys say if I get a quarter out of you, I’ll be doing great.” “Is that so?” snorted Mr. Smith. “Well, just to show them how wrong they are, here’s five dollars.” “Thanks,” replied the youth, “I’ll put this in my school fund.” “What are you studying in school?” asked Mr. Smith. The lad smiled and said: “Applied psychology.”

The Last Word

People told me to follow my dreams, so I returned to bed.

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