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June 23, 2021

BG’s Positively Speaking

Get The Habit

In the search to improve our lives, we often look for the ‘easy’ or ‘fast’ way to get where we want to go. Like water, we look for the path of least resistance, But we soon learn that there is no easy way. We have to be prepared to pay the price for the success we seek. If we meet little or no resistance, if everything comes ‘easy,’ we will not learn the lessons or develop the skills that we need.

Aristotle once said, “We are what we repeatedly do…excellence then is not an act but a habit!” To improve our lives and move ahead, we must embrace the challenges we’ll face along the way. Still, we have to develop the ‘Good’ habits that will carry us along our chosen path.

We’ve all heard the saying ‘practice makes perfect.” Well, perfection is excellence, and excellence brings about our success. If excellence is gained by doing things repeatedly then, that’s what we must do.

We must repeatedly practice being positive…both inwardly to ourselves and outwardly to others, in speech, thoughts and actions. Nothing has ever been achieved with a negative attitude, except perhaps, failure.

We must get into the habit of looking forward at what will be, not backward at what was. Repeatedly telling ourselves, we can achieve our dreams and goals, practising over and over the skills, we need to develop. Achievement lies ahead of us.

We’ll need to get in the habit of planning our goals, day by day, week by week, month by month and year by year. We’ll have to practice the habit of acquiring the knowledge we need,   the discipline to do the things that must be done and to know our priorities. Get the habit…practice, practice, practice, and the success, lifestyle and dreams you seek can be yours.

If You Make Your Habits, Your Habits Will Make You


Two Men In A Boat

Two fishermen decided to rent a boat on a lake. After fishing for hours at various spots and catching nothing, they decided to try one more time before calling it quits. Suddenly, fish started biting, and they reached their limit in 20 minutes.

“Hey, we should mark this spot, so next time we’ll know where to fish,” the first man told his buddy.

“Good idea,” the second man replied, taking out a can of spray paint and making a large X on the floor of the boat. “Why’d you do that?” his friend asked, “Now anyone who rents this boat will know where to fish.”  came the reply.

Editors Quote Book

“Always be a little kinder than necessary.”

James M. Barrie

Trivia Quiz

(Click Question For Answer)

1. In what country would you find no movie theatres?
Saudi Arabia.
2. By what name is 'Formosa' now known?
3. What metal is also known as 'Quicksilver'?
4. Which company was formed by George Eastman?
5. What automobile was the first to be produced on an assembly line?
Ford Model T.
6. What are we referring to when we speak of 'black diamonds'?
7. Who created the fictional character of Hercule Poirot?
Agatha Christie.
8. In business, what is the full form title of a CIO?
Chief Information Officer.


Your Horoscope

For Amusement Only

ARIES Mar. 21-Apr. 19: Temper your schemes with a realistic perspective. Though you might think big, but small, essential details could be your nemesis.

TAURUS Apr. 20-May 20: Be more protective of your possessions than usual. If you’re careless, a stranger might take a shine to something you’re especially fond of.

GEMINI May 21-June 20: Your judgement is reasonably good regarding matters that affect you alone, but not when you try to extend your thinking to cover others.

CANCER June 21-July 22: You may tend to count too much on people or on things you think you have coming to you. This approach could lead to disappointment.

LEO July 23-Aug 22: Do not wear out your welcome when invited to a friend’s place. If you arrive early, try to be among the first to leave.

VIRGO Aug. 23-Sept. 22: Someone you may have to rely upon may not be there when you need them. Count on yourself and not others.

LIBRA Sept. 23-Oct. 22: If you get involved in an intense debate with an adversary who feels as strongly about an issue as you do, things could get quite heated.

SCORPIO Oct. 23-Nov. 21: Some pressure might be brought to bear on you regarding an old obligation. If it isn’t resolved satisfactorily, it could continue to fester.

SAGITTARIUS Nov. 22-Dec. 21: Though you may solicit advice from others, their input isn’t likely to sway you, and you might go about doing things as you initially intended.

CAPRICORN Dec. 22-Jan. 19: It could be advantageous to give credence to health matters. Don’t over-exert or over-indulge yourself, especially with food or drink.

AQUARIUS Jan. 20-Feb. 18: You might have trouble managing youngsters. Consider letting others instruct you on how you can run the show.

PISCES Feb. 19-Mar. 20: Your judgement might be questioned regarding your career. Think your moves through carefully, and don’t yield to pressure.

A Kid From The Farm

Shortly after joining the marine corps, a kid straight off the farm wrote the following letter to Ma and Pa.

Dear Ma and Pa,

I am well. Hope you are. Tell Brother Walt and Brother Elmer the Marine Corps beats working for old man Minch by a mile. Tell them to join up quick before all of the places are filled. I was restless at first because you get to stay in bed till nearly 6 am.  But I am getting so I like to sleep late.

All you do before breakfast is smooth your cot and shine some things. There are no hogs to slop, feed to pitch, mash to mix, wood to split, or fire to lay—practically nothing.  Men got to shave, but it is not so bad; there’s warm water.  Breakfast is big on trimmings like fruit juice, cereal, eggs, bacon, etc. and short on chops, potatoes, ham, steak, fried eggplant, pie and other regular food. Still, you can always sit by the city boys that live on coffee. Their food, plus yours, holds you until noon when you get fed again.

We go on ‘route marches,’ which the sergeant says Are long walks to harden us. It’s not my place to tell him different. A ‘march’ is about as far as to our mailbox at home. Then we all ride back in trucks. The sergeant is like a school teacher. He nags a lot. But the Captain reminds me of the school board. Majors and colonels just ride around and frown. They don’t bother you none.

I keep getting medals for shooting. I don’t know why. The bulls-eye is near as big as a chipmunk head and don’t move, and it ain’t shooting at you like the Higgett boys back home do. All you got to do is lie there all comfortable and hit it. You don’t even load your own cartridges. They come in boxes.

Then we have what they call hand-to-hand combat training. You get to wrestle with them city boys. I have to be real careful though, they break real easy.  I’m about the best they got in this except for that Tug Jordan from over in Silver Lake. I only beat him once. He joined up the same time as me, but I’m only 5’6″ and 130 pounds, and he’s 6’8″ and near 300 pounds dry.  Be sure to tell Walt and Elmer to hurry and join before other fellers get onto this setup and come stampeding in.

Your loving daughter, Alice

Three Men On A Hill

There were three men on a hill with their watches. The first man threw his watch down the hill, and it broke. The second man threw his watch down the hill, and it broke also. The third man threw his watch down the hill, walked all the way to the bottom, and caught it. The other two men were puzzled and asked the third man how he did it. The third man said, “Easy, My watch is 5 minutes slow!”

The Last Word

The best way to start and end your day is to count your blessings
That will keep things in perspective.

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