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Midland Penetanguishene June 14, 2023
21 June 2023
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June 21, 2023

BG’s Positively Speaking

If You’re Going Through Hell ….?

Let’s be honest; sometimes, in our lives, we all “go through hell,” or our own version of it. Nobody lives a perfect life free from problems, and we all have different solutions. Some of us freeze. We bring everything to a standstill for fear of making things worse. Some of us get angry and blame others for the situation we find ourselves in. Still, others run around in circles, not knowing which way to turn or what action to take.

The first thing we need to do is “calm down.” Take some time to think. Panic is never a solution.

Now we have calmed down, let’s “take stock” of the situation. What are the root challenges we are facing? From what direction or aspect of our lives are they coming? Who is responsible? Is it you, or are your problems emanating from an outside source?

Now that we have isolated the challenges that are making our life hell, we can “make a plan.” We can decide what we can do, when we can do it, and how we will do it.

Before we can free ourselves of the fires of hell that have become our lives. We must realize that deciding to do something is different than doing something. We must now “take action.” It is in our actions that we will find relief from the hell in our lives. As Sir Winston Churchill once said,

“If you are going through hell ……… Keep Going”!

Tech Talk

In a software design meeting, they used typical technical jargon to discuss a data exchange interface with a vendor. One co-worker said the programming they ordered was delayed because the vendor suffered from a “severe non-linear waterfowl issue.” Curious, the team leader raised his eyebrows and asked, “What exactly is that?”  The programmer replied, “They don’t have all their ducks in a row.”

Take Your Kid To Work Day

An 8-year-old girl went to the office with her father on ‘Take your kid to work Day.’

As they walked around the office, she started crying and getting cranky. Her father asked what was wrong. As the staff gathered round, she sobbed loudly, “Daddy, where are all the clowns you said you worked with?”

Guess Who?

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Can you name this young man? In what classic TV series did he star?

Editors Quote Book

“The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.”

— George Bernard Shaw

A Smart Answer

Sergeant: “Private Johnson, you failed to show up for cammouflage class this morning.”

Private Johnson: “How can you be sure?”

Trivia Quiz

(Click Question For Answer)

1. In what 1966 movie did George Peppard play a WW1 flying ace?
The Blue Max.
2. An Amalgam is the combination of a metal with what element?
3. The sinking of what ship led to the US entering WW1?
The Lusitania.
4. Who wrote the novel 'The Hunchback of Notre Dame'?
Victor Hugo.
5. What organization has the motto, 'Faster, Higher, Stronger'?
The Olympic Games.
6. What animal is the national symbol of South Africa?
The Springbock.
7. What common symbol can be found on the flags of Wales and Bhutan?
A Dragon.
8. Where is the world's longest Metro/Rapid Transit tunnel located?
Moscow, Russia.


Your Horoscope

For Amusement Only

ARIES Mar. 21-Apr. 19:  You will find that life is moving fast. Some things may catch you off guard. The experience will be beneficial.

TAURUS Apr. 20-May 20:  Don’t allow minor challenges to hide the important ones. You will need to decide what is important to you.

GEMINI May 21-June 20:  Too many demands create resentment and a volatile atmosphere. Pull back the throttle and apply the brakes.

CANCER June 21-July 22: Start keeping better records. To reap future benefits, you must first get yourself better organized.

LEO July 23-Aug 22: Act on your decisions. Procrastinating will cause you to lose the opportunities coming your way.

VIRGO Aug. 23-Sept. 22:   Decide what you want and go for it. Time goes by quickly, and time is what you need. Spend wisely.

LIBRA Sept. 23-Oct. 22:  Too much discussion can lead to disagreement. Make a decision to go forward with a positive frame of mind.

SCORPIO Oct. 23-Nov. 21:   Your long-term goals need to be reset. This is normal, and you should take it in your stride.

SAGITTARIUS Nov. 22-Dec. 21:  Someone is making your life difficult for you. Stay patient and understanding. They will soon come around

CAPRICORN Dec. 22-Jan. 19:   Spend some time taking care of someone close to you. They will appreciate the care you give them.

AQUARIUS Jan. 20-Feb. 18: You feel that you could take on a heavier load at the moment, but take care and don’t overdo things.

PISCES Feb. 19-Mar. 20:    Hard work, a positive attitude and a cheerful disposition have landed you ahead of the pack. Make the most of it.



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In The Light Of Day

An older couple wakes up in the morning, and the wife looks at her husband and says, ” Wow! You wouldn’t believe the dream I had….” The husband replies, “Yes, go on, tell me.”

So the wife says, “I had a dream that you left me after 20 years of being married.” The husband says, “Oh, it sounds more like a nightmare.”

The wife says, “No, I am sure it was a dream.”

The World’s Most Circular Lake

Lakes come in all shapes and sizes, but when it comes to roundness, you won’t find a more naturally-occurring body of water than Florida’s Kingsley Lake, aka Silver Dollar Lake.

Kingsley Lake is a popular summer destination in Florida’s Clay County and one of the best bass fisheries in the entire state. Few know that this place’s unusual round shape makes it unique. You can only truly see how rounded the lake is from high above, which is why its nickname, Silver Dollar Lake, was coined by airplane pilots flying over it. It’s important to note that Kingsley Lake is not an artificial body of water but a naturally occurring one which reportedly formed as a sinkhole.

Oh! What A Day

Over breakfast one morning, a woman said to her husband, “I bet you don’t know what day this is.” “Of course I do,” he indignantly answered, getting up from the table and going out the door to the office. At 10am, the doorbell rang. When the woman opened the door, she was handed a box containing a dozen long-stemmed red roses. At 1pm, a foil-wrapped, two-pound box of her favourite chocolates arrived. Later, a boutique delivered a designer dress.

The woman couldn’t wait for her husband to come home. When he did, she exclaimed, “First the flowers, then the chocolates and then the dress! I’ve never had a more wonderful Groundhog Day in my life!”


How do you keep a man in the shower all day?

Give him a bottle of shampoo which says, “lather, rinse, repeat.”

The Last Word

Please don’t lead me into temptation,
I can find more than enough on my own

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