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Positively Speaking by BG

Just A Routine Task!

We all have ‘routine’ tasks, and we do them with little or no thought. They have become second nature to us, helping us get through the more mundane daily tasks. There is, however, a danger in allowing too many of these tasks to become routine.

Routine is the assassin of personal growth and creativity!

Once we begin to institute ‘routine’ into our lives, it slowly creeps into more of our day. We eat almost the same breakfast each day, drive the same route to work, eat at the same lunch spot, read the same newspaper, listen to the same radio station,  shop at the same stores, talk with the same people at work. On weekends we go to the same bar or restaurant with the same friends. If asked to prepare a different evening meal for the next 30 days, I would guess that the majority of people would run out of steam in 14 or 15 days.

The problem is that we become ‘comfortable’ in our routine. We allow that ‘routine’ to wrap us up and tuck us into our comfort zone; we don’t have to think about what we’re doing; it’s all ‘just routine.’ To allow us to grow as a person, we need to stimulate our brains with new sights and sounds. But our ‘routine’ is shutting the door to them. We all need to grow ourselves so that we can live a happier and more fulfilled life. Stimulating our brain and our mind will lead us to greater creativity, expanding our horizons.

So, get out of the car and walk or ride a bike to work. At the very least, take a different route. Listen to other music, visit new places, meet new people, join a new social group. Anything that will allow you to ……

Step Outside Your Comfort Zone


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Can you guess who this young man is?
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Little Johnny

***Johnny had spent too much time playing with his friends and didn’t have time to finish his homework before bedtime. The next morning, on the bus to school, he was struggling with some Math problems. There was one in particular that Johnny struggled with; he simply couldn’t work it out. Eventually, he left his seat and went up to the bus driver and said, “Will you please drive at twenty miles an hour for three miles, then at twenty-five miles an hour for two and a half minutes. Then tell me how long it takes.”

*** Johnny came in from school. “What kind of day did you have,” asked his mother. “Terrible,” he replied. “What was wrong,” asked his mother. “Palpitations, “came the reply. “Nonsense, you can’t have palpitations at your age.” to which Johnny responded, “I didn’t have them. I just couldn’t spell them.”

Screen Test,

A man, having a beer with his buddy, complained about how thoughtless his family was. “I mean,” he said, “The only time they acknowledge me is when I walk in front of the TV.”

Editors Quote Book

Seeds of faith are always within us; sometimes, it takes a crisis to nourish and encourage their growth.”

Susan L. Taylor

Trivia Quiz

(Click Question For Answer)

1. . From where do Watermelons originate?
West Africa.
2. What is the most popular sport throughout the world?
3. On what type of tree do dates grow?
4. Which sea creature is 95% water?
5. The main ingredient of Bubble gum is?
6. What meat was part of the first meal eaten on the moon?
7. Which British naturalist found the island of ‘Galapagos’?
Charles Robert Darwin.
8. FIn which children’s book would you find Tweedledum and Tweedledee?
Alice, Through the Looking Glass.


Aries Mar. 21 – Apr. 19:   A new Job, new home, and an addition to the family could be in the works for you soon.

Taurus Apr. 20 – May 20:  If you know the answer, speak up. Don’t be afraid of letting others know how good you are.

Gemini May 21 – Jun. 20: Playing cat and mouse will leave others puzzled. Play it straight and place all your cards on the table.

Cancer Jun. 21 – Jul. 22:  An influential person puts in a  word for you. Accept the recommendation with grace. You deserve it.

Leo Jul. 23 – Aug. 22: Shopping will yield better results this week. That hard-to-find item will be found and at a real bargain price.

Virgo: Aug23 – Sept. 22: You could find that working alone will give you better results. It will allow you to indulge your imagination.

Libra Sept. 23 – Oct. 22:  You don’t have to tolerate co-workers’ bad habits. A one-on-one talk will clear the air and create harmony.

Scorpio Oct. 23- Nov. 21: Allowing yourself to increase your knowledge in specific subjects will always pay dividends. Just Do It.

Sagittarius: Nov. 22- Dec. 21: Two of your acquaintances have more in common than you realize. Introduce them, and they will thank you.

Capricorn: Dec.22 – Jan. 19: Doing what comes naturally and being yourself will show you at your best. You don’t need to out-do others.

Aquarius Jan. 20 – Feb. 18: Networking will help you get where you want to go. Get out, get moving and make things happen in life.

Pisces: Feb. 19- Mar. 20:  Settle down and finalize your plans for that next project. Success occurs when preparation meets opportunity.

If you would like Author, Speaker, and Publisher Brian Garvey(B.G.) to speak to your club, organization, group or company, contact Brian at  

Phone 705 645 1353

Confusion Ahead!

Origins:   Phrases & Sayings

THE WHOLE SHEBANG:  This phrase appears to have come into everyday use during the Civil War era. Referring to a hut, shed, or cluster of bushes where you made camp. Some officers wrote home about “running the shebang,” meaning the encampment. The word’s origin is obscure, but because it also applied to a tavern or drinking place, it may go back to the Irish word shebeen for a ramshackle drinking establishment.    When used today, it generally refers to ‘The whole thing,’ or, ‘Everything included.’

PUSH THE ENVELOPE: Pushing the envelope belongs to the modern era of the airplane. The “flight envelope” is a term from aeronautics, meaning the boundary or limit of a flight object’s performance. The envelope, described in terms of mathematical curves, is based on speed, thrust, and atmosphere. You push it as far as you can to discover what the limits are. Tom Wolfe’s ‘The Right Stuff ‘ brought the expression into broader use.

Walking Down The Street

A man was walking in the street when he heard a voice: “Stop! Stand still! If you take one more step, a brick will fall on your head and kill you.” The man stopped, and a big brick fell right in front of him. The man was astonished. He went on, and after a while, he was going to cross the road. Once again, the voice shouted: “Stop! Stand still! If you take one more step, a car will run over you, and you will die.” The man did as he was instructed, just as a car came careening around the corner, barely missing him. “Where are you?” the man asked. “Who are you?” “I am your guardian angel,” the voice answered.
“Oh yeah?” the man asked… “Where were you when I got married?”

A Vertically Challenged Psychic

A vertically challenged psychic was arrested and put in jail. The following day he escaped from the prison, and the newspaper headline read, “SMALL MEDIUM AT LARGE.”

Place Your Order

Two men were standing in line at a fast-food restaurant, waiting to place their order.
There was a big sign informing everyone that. “No bills larger than $20 will be accepted.”
The woman in front pointed at the sign and remarked, “Believe me, if I HAD a bill larger than $20, I wouldn’t be eating here.”

The Last Word

When you obey all the rules, you miss a lot of fun in life.

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